For an even better magnification option Konus also offers digital camera microscope eyepiece adapters for use with many models of higher quality optical microscopes. For the user seeking an evenly illuminated capture area an additional top light is vital as the side mounted fitted light gives some light fall off. The light box the author used was bright enough for crossed polar studies at 10x and 60x. Buttons for top or bottom light, time lapse 1 sec to 1 hour , still or movie capture are shown. Rather than having kids squint into an eyepiece, this is a true digital microscope in that it projects the images onto your computer. For the youngster expressing a particular interest in prepared slides and higher mags, a student compound optical microscope which sell in a similar price range would offer superior results. I would normally have bits and bobs on tripods, homemade gizmos dangling on the end of microscopes etc.

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Digital Blue Intel Play Qx3 Microscope Model 24221 Good for Parts

Built-in bottom light cf external cold light box. The microscope body can be removed from the stage for ‘on the fly’ image capture to digital blue microscope qx3 extent of the USB cable; 10x is probably the highest practical mag for studies microsccope the stand.

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Intel Play

The author has tried extending the Digital blue microscope qx3 legs to bring it central but this gives a hotspot.

This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat Images are autosaved in a proprietary. The microscope used optical not digital magnification. The last captured image digitwl appears in editing frame.


In addition, MAC users can download a free software package from recommended websites. The specimen can be lit either from underneath or from above by one of two incandescent bulbs 3.

This one is a little more expensive than other kids microscopes, and it does have its quirks. For undemanding quick and easy imaging of subjects with gross structure digital blue microscope qx3 a screen image is adequate, the QX5 may even fill a useful niche in a professional environment. Images are auto saved when captured.

Digital Blue Microscope – The QX5 and the QX3 from Intel

A Digital blue microscope qx3 cable and connector attached to the digital imaging circuit board provides an interface to the computer and draws power from the 3. Out of the box: It’s terrific for family explorations, because you don’t look through an eyepiece. For the youngster expressing a particular interest in prepared slides microsxope higher mags, a student compound optical microscope which sell in a similar price range would offer superior results.

This makes it very easy so easy to set up that it’s virtually a plug and play digital blue microscope qx3.

QXScope – QX Series Mac Microscope Software

To improve the bottom light the built-in stage diffuser needs to be removed. The bottom cowling of the main unit extends beyond the optics so digital blue microscope qx3 distance for manipulation is microsope small. The time lapse is a particularly exciting feature. At 10x, objects are still recognizable and you can still see all of a small object such as a bug.


At 60x and x d. Slides make objects nice and flat.

This button is pressed to acquire an image when the microscope is operated in the hand-held standalone mode, separated from the stand. The objectives are arranged sequentially so turning the selection ring to the right installs the 10x, 60x, and x objectives in that order.

Images are used with permission as required. Once reported, our digital blue microscope qx3 will be notified and the comment will divital digital blue microscope qx3. When it comes to computer compatible units, the Digital Blue QX3 microscope holds its digitzl.

The cutoff filter protects the CMOS integrated circuit from excess infrared electromagnetic radiation and helps balance visible light entering the sensor. It also enables a mix of top and bottom lighting to be used where appropriate. It is a toy of xq3, so digital blue microscope qx3 limitations of its lighting and lenses are seen when fine detail needs to be captured e.

Also, you digital blue microscope qx3 remove the QX3 from figital stand and use it to look at your own tongue – pretty tough to do with a traditional microscope. Their side by side image captures show the dramatic improvement in quality when the bottom light is upgraded. The QX5 should respond to similar lighting upgrades.