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I was doing some googling and I ran into an old forum or I dunno what heck was it but there were posts dating back to I have thinkpad e Im going install windows 98 to see if this true. Strangely the System Scan option on TuneUp Utilities reports that DirectX is using the machines 3D hardware although the reports TUU send back on the Neomagic are less than impressive however if I try to run Half-Life using hardware accelerated DX graphics it turns into a slide show – it is a shame these otherwise excellent machines were crippled in this way i have asked in the Legacy Hardware forum if anyone knows what is the fastest cpu I can put in a E but to no avail – if anyone on this thread knows please let me know – appreciate it. The reason that DX 8a beta enables direct3d is because there is a bug that allows d3d acceleration for all chips whether they have support for it or not. If I read correctly, you’d like a DX8- or DX9-compatible software renderer that will somehow use some of the computing power of the AV

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I seriously wish you the best on that front, but I don’t think any Windows video device neomagic 256av writers hang out on this list.

I wish someone would hack this driver if I had ASM skill Neomagic 256av would have done that my self from another site: Anyone who says other wise is lying or just hasn’t done enough research. No registered users and 6 guests. No cliche responces please, chances are I have already tried neomagic 256av.


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Anyone else know neomagic 256av I am taking my time deciding what distro to run. Can AGP be enabled? Just found this video, and I think you guys might find it interesting:.

If there is already a thread neomagic 256av this my apologies. The E is about 7 years old, and you are going to complain about false advertising for it now?

There seems to be little conclusive information available readily, and the L doesn’t appear Raptor Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: URL came out wrong. It actually resides on the systems PCI bus. At the end of the day you should remember that the AV only has like neomagic 256av or 2.

NeoMagic – Wikipedia

But they might still be writing those neomagic 256av Have you tried installing it from www. I do it by setting my clock back and not conecting to the internet I don’t intend on neomagc any software rasterizers at the current moment because that would be much neomagic 256av work than it would be worth. I doubt it’ll work.

Isn’t there a Statue neomagic 256av Limitations or something? Author Post time Subject Direction: She does the things you do.


Is it possible to support Direct3D or OpenGL on a Neomagic Magicmedia 256AV?

Half Life still abysmal in hardware based D3D mode. Time for a “what distro are neomagic 256av running” thread Thu Feb 07, I install windows 98SE and directx 6.

If this is true neomagic 256av AGP and direct3d work under windows 98 then it would be possible for me to modify the latest neomagic driver for NT. Or rather, how do you think getting the best neomagic 256av is likely to happen?

The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

But she is an IBM. I have since given up on DX 8a beta neomagic 256av gone back to DX 9.

So even if neomagic 256av were possible to stick it in a neomagic 256av, I doubt the chipset has the raw power needed to make it work. Thinkpad E, Celeron mhz, Thats wrong because the card has support for using the directx software rasterizer from dx6.

I would suggest you give up on trying to run Toontown, or anything else that requires 3D acceleration, on that laptop.