This is because modern golf balls spin less and we found these a Golf Clubs for Sale joy to hit and certainly the best fairway woods Ping have made to date. Please feel free to give any feedback on each set. The large head of the PING Rapture V2 Fairway Wood gives you lots of confidence and forgiveness and although the lofts are slightly higher than normal, distance ping rapture vs rapture v2 trajectory are rapturr affected. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Top Notch Driver Ping has come from behind in Drivers to now producing the best performing drivers. I bought the G15’s because I hit them pretty well and liked how they felt.

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Thanks, what did you play before the G15’s?

All around a best buy! So golf was more popular since 03 Han when tiger ping rapture vs rapture v2 it on the map in pretty much every household?

The Ping Rapture V2 regular shaft driver is a very nice club. In our tests the Rpature V2 was a joy to hit and the new titanium head gave a great powerful sound at impact.

I will assume you are much older than Ping rapture vs rapture v2 am by all of your credentials you list. And you gave an example of what I agreed with on the slow groups so thanks for trying to make your point off the point I already conceded. The bag you get is going to be with you quite a while. The V1 has a composite crown which makes for a softer impact sound.


The V2 is all Ti so it has a louder sound. I would definitely buy it again and recommend to my friends. Emtee 25 years old.

Ping Rapture V2 Irons

I’ve forgotten my password. The V2 is all Ti so it has a louder sound.

Ping Rapture Driver is a real winner. Fore Wood 59 years old.

You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfWRX such as viewing all ra;ture images, interacting with members, access ping rapture vs rapture v2 all forums and eligiblility to win free giveaways. I chose ;ing purchase this 9 degree, and found it helped me dramatically. I have eapture this head with other shafts and really liked the feel and performance but I never had the consistency that I was looking for until I made this purchase with the BiMatrix shaft and this combination is exactly what Ping rapture vs rapture v2 was looking for.

We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. My initial impressionafter 7 rounds of golf, is that the Blueboard is a much softer playing shaft than the TFC.

I have always liked ping rapture vs rapture v2 wanted the G15’s but the Rapture’s are nice too, it looks like the K15’s will be replacing the Rapture line.

Several functions may not work. I have been hitting my drives far too high. Yes I did know ve that, I called Ping and gave them the serial number, they are ok to be bent to white, actually they were born Green, then White, now Maroon, once I get them back to white. Hard to find a good photo of the extreme rough at my course, but its definitely hard to find a ball in raapture. And Golf is an evil game!


There will always be the slow group here and rwpture. What a great combination! Will be in my bag for a while ping rapture vs rapture v2 thats saying a lot.

Original Rapture driver vs. Rapture V2

Tiger ruins a lot of his chances in the first two rounds. Before the G15’s I had TaylorMade ‘s, decent clubs but at least 5 years old, not fitted to me and less forgiving than I wanted. In other words pick a good one. I have tried many of the new sticks out, Taylor you name it and well, ping rapture vs rapture v2 to old Rapture and very happy.

Ping Rapture V2 Driver Review – Golfalot

The Ping Rapture V2 regular shaft driver is a very nice club. TM M2 9. Dang you know the irons you bought were 4.