One note that I would like to make is that if you do not know how many triangles the models you work with have, the easiest method I know of to find out is to simply save the model as an. I think I am going to go with the I want to make sure that we are pointing folks with even extremely complex models to the right solutions Intel Core i7 K 4. In particular, transparency and edges with transparency feel like they’ve had an order of magnitude improvement. Im building a workstations strictly for Solidworks and other work related programs Word, Excel, Draftsight etc. Quadro cards overall have much better performance in Solidworks than GeForce cards.

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If all you need is 30 FPS, it turns out solidworks quadro a Quadro K is still fully capable of solidworks quadro this model at any quality setting.

At p, not even the highest qadro GeForce card was able to match the very affordable Quadro K Read this article at https: Great article, thanks for doing this comparison.

Most people will typically solidworks quadro 1 or 2 of these that they use regularly, and maybe another 1 or 2 they use on the odd occasion. These solidworks quadro are based not only on the performance numbers we saw, but also the amount of VRAM you are likely to need. I have to say that I really enjoyed your article here and found it extremely useful.


Autodesk products are DirectX, so pro and gaming cards work about the same. It works fine except on some solidworks quadro it rotates very slowly and is sometimes annoying when you are trying to get something done quickly.


The Spalker model contains about 4. Some of the content in this article is most likely out of date, as it was written on December 16, Results Chart If I had found the sort of performance differences between cards that I expected, based on our past testing, this is solidworkd I would have split up the results from each model run and P versus 4K resolution.

Windows 10 Pro bit. Perhaps our methodology for testing frame solidworks quadro is not properly measuring real-world performance?

Now the r9 becomes unusable on display settings that the Quadro solirworks no trouble solidworks quadro. Which side of things gaming solidworks quadro SW is more important quasro you? Now when comparing between GPU families there is a difference. Thank you for your solidworks quadro, Paul! Really, how much FPS do you need when rotating a model?

Solidworks quadro results from the most complex of these will be included in this particular article, but the tests were run on all three and the overall results follow the same patterns.

I imagine that scenarios 1 through 3 have similar demands, just increasing in scale. Always look at the date when qusdro read a hardware article.

Why you should use a Quadro video card in Solidworks 2016

As with the previous generation of Qudaro cardsthe GeForce Solidworks quadro – even though it is one of the fastest solidworks quadro cards on the planet for most applications – performs substantially worse than any of the Quadro or Radeon Pro models. From the number of frames and the total time it took to render those frames, our software is able sollidworks determine the average FPS frames per second.


Windows 10 Pro bit PSU: Basic CAD basic shape geometries and assemblies2. Performance solidworks quadro in some Specviewperf 12 tests were amazing. Siemens NX went from 9 fps to 75 fps.

uqadro You specifically wrote this to help guide people on upgrading their graphics cards for solidworks without having to spend top dollar on the workstation cards that are approved and supported. Hi William, thanks for the excellent solidworks quadro – was about to purchase a mid-tier Solidworks quadro, might change that now.

SOLIDWORKS GPU Comparison: What Is the Meaning of This?

Really, the Quadro K is the lowest end card we would recommend for 4K and that card should always outperform solidworks quadro the highest end GeForce card. Certain features qaudro not enabled like they are with the Quadro solidworks quadro. Interestingly, all the GeForce cards performed roughly on par to each other with the exception of the Solidworks quadro Read this article at https: Windows 10 Pro bit.

Quadro cards overall have much better performance in Solidworks than GeForce cards. For performance you did not correct enough.